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          Product.Product Center

          Advantages.Reasons for choosing us

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          • Quality assurance

            Quality assurance

            Gathering upstream manufacturers from domestic and foreign industries, our products represent the development direction of testing technology and capabilities both domestically and internationally. All products are supplied at factory prices, providing users with great benefits.

          • Meeting different needs

            Meeting different needs

            Create a one-stop supplier for toolboxes, with various models to choose from for each product. We offer sample processing for all aspects of the products and an annual procurement plan.

          • System integration

            System integration

            Maintain good cooperative relationships with multiple domestic manufacturers, provide temporary equipment system solutions, and offer demonstration laboratories in various industries for users to visit.

          • Intimate service

            Intimate service

            Equipped with technical engineers, a comprehensive after-sales service system, providing information consulting services, systematically introducing the performance and characteristics of products, and recommending products suitable for users.

          About.Company Profile

          Changshu Lingxing Plastic Mold Co., Ltd. is a production-oriented enterprise specializing in injection molding, injection mold design, manufacturing, and assembly. It has core technical strength, years of rich experience and technology in injection molding production. The factory has complete production equipment and 16 injection molding machines with precision mold manufacturing and processing equipment of less than 1100T (4000g). With the continuous expansion of the enterprise scale, new factories have been built. The new factory is located in Jialing Village, Xinzhuang Town, Changshu City, covering an area of about 5000 square meters. The production facilities are complete, and technology is constantly improving, which can meet the production needs of various scales. 

          News.News Center

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